Tufts is a student-centered research university that fuels a lifelong passion for creativity, collaboration, and civic engagement, as well as a shared mission to address the most consequential challenges of our time—one we ask you to join with boundless optimism so that together, we may light a path to a Brighter World.


#TuftsGivingTuesday was a resounding success. Find detailed results at givingdays.tufts.edu.



Ankur Sahu, E91, A22P金沙app下载客户端

International chair of Brighter World’s Campaign Cabinet Ankur Sahu focuses on how Tufts can have a greater impact globally.

Pauline Eveillard金沙app下载客户端

Arts & Sciences Campaign Committee member Pauline Eveillard enjoys learning about the Brighter World campaign’s impact throughout the university.

Jon Levy金沙app下载客户端

Engineering Campaign Committee member Jon Levy relates how he uses his own giving as a framework for encouraging others to give.